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NZ Natural

Cramp Stop | 25ml


Don't let cramp stop YOU! CRAMP-STOP is the world leader in restoring normal muscle function during a painful spasm. Avoid loosing valuable time by stopping cramp in its tracks. CRAMP-STOP will help you achieve your goal. Used by sportsmen and athletes around the world.

At the onset of a spasm, spray one dose into the mouth. Repeat in 30 - 60 seconds if cramp is not relieved immediately. Repeat as often as needed. To help prevent cramp, spray one dose close to the time cramp may come on

"Cramp-Stop Saved our Day - with 5k to go on the mountain bike I heard my race partner, Max screaming and yelling "my hamstrings blown, it's gone!" I turned to see Max stopping, his right leg rigid and his hands clutching his hamstring. He was experiencing the dreaded 'Adventure Race Cramp'! Taking no chances in this race I had packed my trusty Cramp-Stop "Open your Mouth" I said as I pulled up alongside him. With a couple of squirts we were back in business. Amazing Stuff!

Narelle Ash, MultiSport Adventure Race Champion, Australia

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