Welcome to SHOE SCIENCE Fit360°

We are now in a new age of footwear biomechanics, and in particular running. What we considered to be a good running shoe 5 years ago has almost disappeared. Running has split from walking with the addition of carbon plates, tall foam soles and much more. These new style running shoes are genuinely better, being smoother and faster. 

And yes there are still traditional styles available for those who do not want to engage with the new, prefering to keep life simple. The traditional are well suited to all day use, travelling, walking and beginner runners.   

In 2024 our promise is an enhanced and more enjoyable training experience, every time you hit the road or trail. Along with the advice to achieve your fitness goals.

360º references considering you, your feet and shoes from every angle. With the whole picture we can provide an enhanced outcome.

Together we will define the ride that is best suited your gait style and the tempo. Are we looking for the long and slow Sunday ride or the faster ride for the Wednesday 4.40am run group.

  • Enhance your ride for the best daily experience
  • Enhance speed to be faster
  • Enhance fatigue management to feel fresher
  • Enhance protection from injury
  • Enhance goal achievement for the bigger picture

Enjoy our new approach and expertise

Enjoy a new approach that believes running is very safe, easy and should be fun. It does not have to hard or painful. Most running injuries are caused by increasing our training volume too quickly and a lack of training variation.  

  • We are trained to provide advice on training volume and training variation.

Enjoy a new approach of 5 physical tests of flexibility, stability, and strength.

  • We are trained to assess and provide easy-to-do stretches and exercises.

Enjoy and feel supported with the advice to achieve your fitness goals. Each of us hits the road for a reason and that bigger goal is the key to staying motivated and staying on the fitness wagon.

Our signature is our 'gem of advice' that accompanies every pair of shoes. 

The Myths 

Pronation causes injury. Mostly no. Mostly pronation is normal range of movement. 

If pronation is normal movement does that mean you believe in barefoot running and letting the foot do the wild thing. Mostly no. We believe in guiding and focusing the foot forward because running and the finish line is forward. While we would recommend a minimal shoe session as part of the variation strategy.

Is pronation completely irrelevant. Mostly yes. However lingering pronation at foot-flat can be problem. Also pronation is a sideways movement and we like to focus the foot forward for reasons of fatigue. 

Do shoes prevent injury. Mostly no. Most injuries are caused by increasing training volume too quick or a lack of training variation. 

If shoes (mostly) do not prevent injury are they irrelevant. No. They are very relevant to the enjoyment of every training session and the right shoe will enhance your goal achievement.

In saying this, it is clear that a very poorly selected or poorly fitted shoe will cause harm.

Are the softest shoes the best option. Not always. Generally runners prefer a firm ride because it is more responsive and walkers prefer softer.

Is comfort in the store important. Not always. What feels comfortable in store maybe a uncomfortable beyond ½ way. How you feel deep into your session, is the comfort you will appreciate. 

How to reduce Injuries

Running and walking are great fitness activities and they are safe. Sure you will experience niggles every now and again, which is part of any physical exercise. We have the advice to help you. No worries.

  • Is there enough variation in your training, or are you traveling the same route over and over?
  • Are you building at around 10% per week? Or are you doing too much too soon?
  • Is your footwear fit for your purpose?