Welcome to ShoeSci VideoChatFit - fitting shoes via a video chat service. 

Whether you are at the office, at home, in Kaitaia, or Bluff, we can look after you via our online video chat shoe fitting service. Yes, we started this in COVID lockdown, it was very popular and now it is a permanent feature at SHOE SCIENCE. 

This is the next best thing to visiting the store as we can show you all the options and we can discuss what your goals are, and other factors.

Women video chatting

Even better if you have someone to hold the phone, or can position your computer we can see your feet and see you walk which does help. This is very easy for you and us!

And we can text a few pictures back and forth if that helps you. Again easy!

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Please email the store / the service that you wish to do your fitting;

If we do not respond immediately, it will be because we are looking after another client. We will respond ASAP.