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GT 2000 SX - Womens Std (Stand) | Fitness Walking

Size:     (Shoes in US Sizes)

SKU: 1132A053.023

What Shoe Science says - walking shoe

2000 SX is specifically designed for walking. It is more robust in places where the walking gait creates stress.


Shoe Science key stats

Product Cycle: Technical Update
Brand Box Width: Std
Our Translation of Box Width: Standard width
Weight: 304g
Rear and Forefoot Stacks (MM): 22/12
Offset (drop): 10mm
Available From: 16th Jan 2023

What Asics says

For nearly 30 years, the GT-2000 series has been the stability shoe of choice for a variety of runners, ranging from casual weekend warriors to top marathon finishers. ASICS has taken inspiration from this iconic model and designed a specific fitness walking shoe that provides more durability in the outsole and a reinforced upper.

If you're looking for a lightweight, cushioned fitness walking shoe to help support your foot, the GT-2000 SX is the shoe for you.

The fit of the GT-2000 SX fitness walking shoe has been redesigned with a breathable textile, four-way stretch upper for improved fit and durability preventing the big toe from penetrating through the upper. We have also reinforced key areas for added support and a more efficient toe-off.

Regular walking may wear the outer sole of a shoe faster than runners due to spending more time on the ground so the GT-2000 SX features a full-rubber outsole for better durability than a standard running shoe.


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