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New Model

Hoka Clifton 3

The CLIFTON 3 improves upon its decorated heritage with this new release. The upper features a new fit with a more accommodating forefoot, as well as a seamless speed frame construction for light weight and supreme comfort. A similar midsole geometry means that the industry leading ride remains as light and smooth as ever. When cushioning and light weight are your top priorities, look no further.

RRP $250 - Less Your Ambassador Club Rewards
Men's Standard Fit
Hoka Clifton 3 Standard Fit Men Zoom
Women's Standard Fit
Hoka Clifton 3 Standard Fit Women Zoom
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New Model

Hoka Speed Instinct

Built to nimbly dance over technical terrain, the SPEED INSTINCT is a lightweight and responsive addition to our lineup. The Speed Instinct is the first trail shoe to utilize HOKA ONE ONE’s PRO2Lite technology, with a soft heel density that transitions into a firmer, more responsive forefoot. Multidirectional lugs on a durable, full length rubber outsole provide significant traction no matter your foot placement. This new introduction from HOKA is responsive enough to race up the mountains, and forgiving enough to fly down them.

RRP $250 - Less Your Ambassador Club Rewards
Men's Standard Fit
Hoka Speed Instinct Standard Fit Men Zoom
Women's Standard Fit
Hoka Speed Instinct Standard Fit Women Zoom
Hoka Downhill Running

The Philosophy of Hoka One One

Hoka was started by a couple of French Ultra Runners and passionate outdoor enthusiasts who after leaving the design team of a big trail running brand decided to make their own shoes.

The common theme with sports such as, Skydiving, Cycling, Skiing etc, is that the real fun is in the downhill. Historically, running is a slow activity downhill due to the impact and stability requirements, so Hoka looked at designing a shoe from the top of a hill mentality.

Wider heel for greater ground contact and softer density to soak up the impact.

Then they looked at how to stabilise the foot better. By sitting a foot inside a cradle that wraps up and supports not just the heel but beyond the midfoot as well they achieved a shoe that has inherent dynamic stability.

New Model

Hoka Clayton

The CLAYTON continues a HOKA ONE ONE tradition of revolutionizing lightweight cushioning, featuring PRO2LITE technology with a softer heel for cushioning and a firmer forefoot for propulsion. The Oversize Active Foot Frame provides surprising support, while the early stage Meta-Rocker ensures a smooth and nimble ride. The RMAT® outsole layer eliminates the excess weight of traditional rubber and finishes off the ride with a responsive edge.

RRP $280 - Less Your Ambassador Club Rewards
Men's Standard Fit
Hoka Clayton Standard Fit Men Zoom
Women's Standard Fit
Hoka Clayton Standard Fit Women Zoom

The Hoka One One Impact

Hoka One One have built all of their shoes on a lower heel to toe drop that what has been typically industry standard to allow a more "natural" position and encourage a midfoot strike. The patented rocker sole is the other piece of technology which has proved the difference between our shoes and all the brands attempting to build shoes similar to ours in the maximum cushion market.

We have 2 different rockers which work differently depending on the gait and activity, but the philosophy and science show that the rocker sole helps keep a more continual motion no matter where the foot strikes, leading to a smoother toe off and less effort required to move forwards.

Rather than having to push off the ground which is the case for other brands, Hoka rolls your forwards, removing any “breaking” or deceleration so that there is no loss in motion to the next step. A lot of runners who have had historically calf and achilles problems have found relief in Hoka shoes due to the rolling nature of the gait.

Hoka Clifton Running
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