Rob Dallimores Half Marathon Program

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Well done on deciding to train for a Half Marathon.  SHOE SCIENCE asked me to create a program for weekend warriors doing their first event or wanting to follow a program after a previous average result.

Make the most of the day by having a clear focus and training effectively.

Focus on learning a good relaxed form (technique), remaining injury free and enjoying running. 

This is a plan for people who have run in the past and are keen to put the effort into following a program to   achieve a reasonable time.

This program is a good one for anyone who has struggled with injury when mileage or intensity is increased.

We will get you to the start-line pumped, psyched and raring to go!

I assume that you are comfortable running at least 30 minutes before taking on this plan.  If you currently have an injury I recommend getting it assessed prior to commencing the plan.  If you have any medical conditions that may affect you in the training I strongly recommend getting clearance before commencing.


Click here for the Full Program (PDF - 130Kb)


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