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Rotating Activity and Footwear

Rotating shoes decreases injury risk by 39% and mixing up training was even better.

Read the findings from Dr Chris Bishop from ASICS on rotating activity and shoes and the benefits it provides.


Kids' Feet and Shoes

We get a lot of parents coming into the stores and asking "is my child walking normally?" So here's some information on how feet grow and what to do about shoes.


Shoe Science Run Groups

We have Run Groups at Takapuna and Albany with two distances at each store.

The runs are FREE and fun - so just rock up and take part!


Rotating Your Running or Walking Shoes

We recommend rotating your running or walking shoes because so many people tell us it works for them. By changing up the forces on your body even slightly by wearing a different pair of shoes, you give a stressed part of your feet or legs a chance to rest.


Rob Dallimore's 20 Week Half Marathon Program

Well done on deciding to train for a Half Marathon. SHOE SCIENCE asked me to create a program for weekend warriors doing their first event or wanting to follow a program after a previous average result.


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